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TAO Landscape LLC

As the years have gone by, we have done whatever it takes to get the job done. As we have grown, our customers' needs have grown. We find ourselves cleaning barns for weddings, doing construction for big events, and preparing for parties, prom pictures and showers. You name it; we have done it!  


Of course, we have lots of relatives too. So for most of our lives, we’ve been creating flower arrangements; unique personalized centerpieces and décor; setting up for the special occasions of nieces and nephews, friends and friends of friends – not to mention the showers and weddings for our own children!  


It has been a lifelong dream (especially for all the women in our family and company!) to do something with our beautiful farm, the home base for our landscape business. We have been putting it on the back burner year after year, BUT THIS SEASON, we are going to sow the seeds, till up 200-year-old roots and watch them sprout! 


With God’s grace, we will grow our farm into a harvest we can share with our family, our staff, our customers, and our community.  Most importantly, we hope to leave a little bit of nurturing in the hearts and minds of our grandchildren and all the children that visit and learn here. Perhaps the next generation will continue to have our passion for all that pertains to nature… maybe save the bees and the butterflies… possibly grow enough food to sustain future generations to come. 


So it is with a lifetime of toil, collected treasures, and gathered seeds, we present to you...


With all our love,

Craig & Susan Murray, family, friends & staff


Growing Our Roots


Since 1995, we have been working as TAO Landscape, LLC, a design, build and property maintenance firm. We have been blessed with clients who have become more like family than customers. And doubly blessed with employees over the years –
the kind you want to hold on to forever and never let go!


Even though many have left to pursue other careers or have retired, we all still gather round – to celebrate, to laugh, to share our joys and our tears, and for the love of nature. In some way or another, we all still care for God’s Good Earth and each other.


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