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Susan M. Murray, Owner, Horticulturist, Designer, Gardner & Dreamer!

With an AAS in Horticulture from WCCC and 3 decades of experience in Landscape Design, Landscape Installation and Property Management, Susan's lifelong passion has been for all things green & growing...especially planting seeds of knowledge throughout the community & in the hearts of minds of the next generation of gardeners.

Craig Murray, Owner. Project Enigineer, lifelong farmer...Super Hero

Growing up on a farm, Craig has worked from dawn to dusk his entire life. From milking cows, raising beef cattle, and crop farming, Craig has the natural ability to operate & repair equipment, engineer & create absolutely anything we dream up (we being the dream team)  He is a Super Hero to The Rusted Root...with him "Everthing" is Possible!

Hannah Miller, Artist, Floral Designer, Growing Coordinator, Gardener & Business Office Manager

Hannah is an old  soul......with a passion for growing cut flowers & propagating abilities beyond her years: we are beyond blessed to have her on our staff. She is talented in more aspects than we can count on our finger & toes!  A true artist.  Her flower arrangements are creative, & in sync with the current trends. Soft spoken & of the dearest persons you will ever meet!

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